Zayn Malik Is Still In Gigi’s Heart


Young couples always lack consistency, and the same goes for the Zayn Malik’s and Gigi Hadid’s recent breakup, which seems to have been nothing but a very short-term arrangement, according to a recent US Magazine report.

The two celebrities have been officially together since November last year, though is seems they started dating much earlier, if one can judge from their chemistry and need to always be together. Sources close to both Gigi and Zayn confirmed last week that they are no longer together, but nothing seemed certain as they were still very close and have been talking constantly.

Hadid arrived at the Maybelline New York Beauty Bash last Friday, where in between posing and looking gorgeous she opened up about herself, and just nonchalantly mentioned “her boyfriend” without naming any names, writes US Magazine. Zayn showed no public reaction to Hadid’s comment, but it seems that this couple still isn’t quite in the 2016 celebrity breakup zone, and it will be no surprise if we will see them again gallivanting together down the red carpets across Hollywood.

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