Zach Galifianakis And Obama Rocked The Internet


Zach Galifianakis’ always been known as a funny guy, but his recent interview skit with the president of the US, Barrack Obama, was a pure masterpiece.

TV interview in just a couple of hours became a huge hit over the Internet and at the same time, a great boost to a new healthcare initiative by Obama.

Obama’s asides left Zach jaw-dropped after they reached out to executives asking if the host of Between Two Ferns would like to sit down with Obama. It was definitely a great opportunity for the bearded star.

Director Scott Aukerman said, “The White House came to us and really wanted to do it. They really wanted to get the word out about the Affordable Care Act and they were looking for interesting ways to do it.”

Through the show, Obama was questioned about North Korea, his birth certificate and reputation of a nerd. Quite daring for Zach, we must admit. Those two guys also traded several “insults”, such as when Galifianakis asked; “What is it like to be the last black president?” and Obama responded, “What is it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president?”

In just two hours after premiere at 7am in New York, the interview took over the internet with over three million views. What’s more, within couple of hours the skit became the biggest referral to Obama’s website for the healthcare campaign.

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