Zac Efron Rocks Fringe Crop For New Movie


Picture surfaced this week of actor Zac Efron in a very peculiar outfit. Is he experimenting with his style like Jaden Smith? Nope! It turns out that he’s filming a pretty funny movie with Hollywood legend Robert DeNiro.

The pictures were taken on set in Georgia and show Efrom wearing a black fringe drop top with some neon pants, looking like some type of crazy fitness enthusiast from the 1980s.

You’ll also see that Efron has some blood on his face. Who knows what’s going on in this scene, but it does look interesting. The movie he is filming is called “Dirty Grandpa” and it’s expected to be released in August 2016.

Efron is looking really buff in his crop top outfit and in a couple of the pictures, you can even see him getting down and doing some pushups in between takes to make sure that his muscled will be maximized when the movie hits theaters.

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