Yet Another Skin Cancer Scare for Jackman

It has only been six months since Wolverine star Hugh Jackman had surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma. It has been reported that he has another growth on his nose, and that he needs another procedure to get rid of it.

He posted a picture on his Instagram account with a bandage over his nose. He stated in the comment that it was in fact another basel cell carcinoma.

Jackman said that it was all gone now and thanked his doctors. He ended the message preaching to all of his fans to wear sunscreen whenever they are out in the sun. The first occurrence of the cancer was on his nose as well.

His wife, actress Deborra-Lee Furness, told him that he should go it checked out late last year. And when he went to the dermatologist, the growth was diagnosed as cancer. He had surgery in November of last year and he thanks his wife for urging him to get it checked out, adding that he was always putting off taking the trip to the doctor and that he is really glad that he did not wait any longer.

Jackman said that he did not think much of it earlier and always thought that it was a non –issue.

The actor added that he is really glad that he took his wife’s advice because the doctors told him that he was really lucky that he got it checked out in time and got the cancer removed before it could spread.

Melanoma is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer, and the type that leads to the most death each year.

Naturally, Jackman did not hesitate when he saw another growth appear on his nose the second time.

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