Wiz Khalifa Wants Amber Rose Back


Looks like a reunion of rapper Wiz Khalifa and model Amber Rose is all but inevitable. You might remember Amber referring to Wiz recently as the love of her life, even though there break up was messy and included Wiz cheating on her all time apparently while on tour.

But Wiz has just released a sexy song with Usher called “Somebody Else,” and if you listen to the lyrics, it definitely sounds like Wiz wants Amber back.

Just last week, Rose said that she would love to get back together with her estranged rapper hubby. And after you hear this song, you’ll be convinced that it’s going to happen.

Here’s an excerpt of some of Wiz’s bars featured in the new song.

“Thought I had it/ All the magic I could imagine/ Then it all went tragic/ Automatically I’m the bad one/ I was only doing us/ I gave you everything, a kid and a house/ And a wedding ring/ And now you talkin’ ’bout how you could do better things.”

It definitely sounds like they are getting back together soon than later. What do you think?

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