Wiz Khalifa Fined For Public Urination


Let’s look at what we have here – his first name is Wiz, he has a very popular song called “Black and Yellow,” and he was fined for public urination Saturday at 2:30 in the morning. It all adds up. The only question is what took him so long.

Wiz Khalifa was strolling the streets of Pittsburgh’s South Side at some late hours and probably had one too many to drink. His bladder immediately told him it was time to relieve some pressure, so he went behind The Flats bar and obeyed nature’s call. Unfortunately, a police patrol happened to be scouring the area at the same time and noticed him.

Pittsburgh police released a statement explaining that Khalifa merely received a ticket for his misbehavior, as required by law. No scandals here people, just some regular, warm-up celebrity news to begin your Monday with.

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