Will Smith Treats Movie Crew To Gourmet Meals


If you needed any further proof that Will Smith is a genuinely good guy, here it is. The actor is on set in Oxnard filming his new movie “Concussion.” And instead of giving his crew the regular old uninspiring catering options that most film crews get, Smith went out of his way to make sure that his crew were eating like royalty. Forget about the mac and cheese and pizza, Smith made sure that the caterers were serving filet mignon, prime rib, tons of exotic pastas, and even lobster tails!

According to crew members, everyone on staff absolutely loves Smith and say that he is a pleasure to work with. Some have worked with Smith on other movies, and say that nothing has changed, adding that he was great to his film crews even 15 years ago.

The movie, scheduled to be released in 2016, will focus on the issue of concussions and links with permanent brain damage in former NFL players.

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