Will Kanye Be Banned from Attending The Grammys?


A few days after rapper Kanye West made headlines again for his weird behavior at the Grammys, there are some reports circling the Internet stating that the people at the Grammys are fed up with him. According to these sources, West could be banned from ever attending the awards show again. However, even if this does happen, he would still be eligible to win a Grammy, since they don’t have a problem with his music, but his behavior at the event.

He was already loathed by a lot of music fans after his 2009 interruption of Taylor Swift‘s speech when she beat out Kanye’s friend Beyonce for Best Video. And then he did it again – sort of – this year. He got up on stage when Beck won the award for Best Album. He didn’t interrupt this time, but later in the evening, he made some negative remarks about how the Academy should have given the award to, you guessed it, Beyonce.

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