Will Bruce Jenner Be Attracted To Men After Hormone Therapy?

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Now that we all know that Bruce Jenner has started transitioning into a woman, many people are guessing what his sex life will be like in the future.

Jenner has been married to three different women and has six children, so we know he has no problem with heterosexual sex. But many are asking if he will want to have sex with men once he completes his transition.

Some medical experts say that it could happen. The hormone therapy that the former reality star is going through includes very larges dosages of estrogen. This could, in a sense, make the brain more feminine, and in some cases, could even change a person’s sexual preferences.

Experts say that in cases in which this does happen, the person had probably already been having urges of that kind, but the estrogen allowed the inclinations to surface.

We’ll see what happens once his transition is complete.

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