Wife Accuses Stephen Collins Of Using His Fame To Abuse Children

2005 TV Land Awards - Arrivals

The actor Stephen Collins, who is probably best known for his role of Eric Camden on the beloved TV show 7th Heaven, was first accused of at least one case of child molestation (dating back to the 1970s) and now his wife, who has filed for divorce, is accusing him of using his 7th Heaven fame to lure children into molestation.

This is a serious accusation by any means, and especially since his wife implies that his latest victim was abused as recently as 2007. The actor has already confessed to molesting three children, but it all happened before 1984, according to him. Collins’ wife Faye Grant has sent him an e-mail in which she accuses him of using his role of Eric Camden to gain the trust of the parents of the children he would then abuse.

Meanwhile, the actor has been dropped by his agency and also from the upcoming Seth McFarlane’s movie Ted 2.

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