Why ‘Top Gear’ Crew Fled Argentina?


The host of the television show ‘Top Gear’ and his crew have fled Argentina after being pelted with rocks by people who thought one of their cars had a license plate alluding to the Falklands War.

Officials reported a crowd of about 50 people began hurling rocks at the BBC group on Thursday, October 2 as they drove in a caravan under police escort to the Chilean border with Argentina’s southernmost province of Tierra del Fuego.

Jeremy Clarkson, the host, and the others were forced to abandon the cars in an area between Tolhuin and Rio Grande. There was one minor injury reported, and images by local newspapers showed broken windows and damage to the cars, which were taken into police custody.

They were using three cars, one of them a Porsche with the license plate “H982 FKL,” which some Argentines thought was a reference to the 1982 war in which their country tried and failed to take the islands from Britain. Oscar Heredia, a spokesman for the town of Tolhuin, using the Argentine name for the islands known in English as the Falklands, said the plate probably caused provocation.

“The feeling over Malvinas is still very strong here. The license plate was taken as a provocation.”

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