Why Did Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Choose To Settle?


Finally, the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp drama is over. The two settled their divorce to the tune of $7 million going to Heard.

But what were the reasons behind the celebrity couple choosing to settle instead of going to court? There are quite a few that we can think of.

As far as Depp is concerned, he simply did not want to go to court. He didn’t want to give a deposition that could be wrongly interpreted and he simply didn’t want to have to deal with a long, drawn out and probably painful divorce case.

Also, a recent video was leaked in which the two of them are having a fight and Depp looks kind of intoxicated. So that video could have also prompted the settlement.

As for Heard, she is simply happy to get out of this relationship without having her name damaged. Many accused her of making up things in order to get money, but the statement from both sides regarding the settlement have made it clear that she is not a gold digger and her credibility is still intact.

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