Why Can’t Selena Gomez Get Rid Of Her Bieber Fever?


We recently reported that Justin Bieber is having a very hard time getting over Selena Gomez, but it seems that the obsession is mutual. Even though it looks as if Gomez is very happy in her new relationship with producer Zedd, sources close to the star say that she is still all about the Biebs and can’t seem to get him out of her mind.

Sources told Holywoodlife.com that even though things are great with Zedd, the love that Gomez had and probably still has for Bieber is on a completely different level. The source added that even though there are no signs that she and Zedd are not enjoying each other’s company, she’s still clearly not over Bieber.

However, something is still keeping the two apart, whether it’s pride or something else, we’re not sure. Gomez is moving ahead with Zedd and sources say that she is planning on taking him to Texas to meet the family very soon.

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