Why Are The Rock And Vin Diesel Beefing?


We all know that both DwayneThe RockJohnson and Vin Diesel are going to be in the upcoming “Fast and Furious 8” movie and that it’s probably going to be awesome.

But we didn’t know until recently that they have been beefing for months. Sources on set say that there have been months of tension during production and that it has been boiling over onto social media.

From what we can tell, the two action celebrities are basically accusing one another of the same exact thing – acting live a diva. The Rock dropped an Instagram post recently that commented on the lack of professionalism being shown by some of the male members of the cast, and many believe that he was referring to Diesel.

Apparently, Johnson is mad that Diesel shows up late a lot and slows down production. However, sources on set say that Vin is mad at Johnson for basically the same exact reason.

He believes that The Rock is acting like a primadonna and is constantly late to work. The good news is that sources say that they are trying to hash out their differences for the good of the movie, which everyone expects to be great.

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