Who Is A Bigger Diva: Kanye or Jay Z?


We’re all used to female pop artists being mega demanding when it comes to the hotels they stay in and venues where they perform. We all remember Madonna asking for a dozen kids from assorted African countries waiting for her in the backstage so she can adopt them.

We all remember Mariah Carey asking that her dressing room be in a particularly white shade of white. Stuff like that. Well, it turns out that the guys are just as bad. Like for instance Kanye and Jay Z. Kanye, for instance, demands that his towels are all black, that there are 13 bottles of booze waiting for him and that his floss is minty.

The weirdest demand of his is definitely the one where all vases need to be cylindrical. Jay Z, on the other hand, needs a constant 71 degree temperature, 3 tuberose scented candles (whatever tuberose may be), Ace of Spades champagne and serious childproofing for his daughter Blue Ivy.

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