Which Celeb Showed The Most Skin At The Met Gala?


If someone was to tell you that out of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé that Queen B would be the most scantily clad one at a red carpet event, you probably wouldn’t believe them. But that’s exactly what happened at the Met Gala on Monday.

It seems that Rihanna started the nudity wars at the CFDA Awards, because since then, everyone has been trying to outdo her.

And even though that Rihanna number was racy, with nothing but glitter covering the most important areas, it looks like Beyoncé might have topped it. Her dress was pretty much the same concept, but instead of glitter, gorgeous jewels were covering her intimates.

Miley Cyrus looked surprisingly sophisticated and so did Kim K. And if we had to pick a winner for the weirdo-award, it would have to be Beyoncé sister Solange, who appeared to be dressed as an oyster.

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Met Gala 2015.

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