When Will Prince William And Kate Announce Their Daughter’s Name?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are apparently still discussing a name for their little princess with their families.

On Monday, the royal couple and their two children spent a quiet morning at their home in Kensington Palace, where high-profile visitors continue to show up and congratulate the proud parents.

Meanwhile, a Royal aide told People that they are ‘talking the name through with their family.’ However, it seems that the widespread speculation that they will have to tell Queen Elizabeth the baby’s name in person is seemingly not true. A well-informed Palace source confirmed that there is no protocol for that, meaning they will not necessarily drive to Sandringham to see Her Majesty there.

Here’s what the source said:

“Obviously family is very important to them and they are speaking to everyone but they don’t have to see the Queen. They will see people when they see them. They had the family around yesterday. They will continue to discuss things and when they’re ready to make a decision, they’ll announce it.”

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