Were Leo And Rihanna Making Out At The Playboy Mansion?


There are conflicting reports all over the Internet regarding whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were making out at a star-studded Golden Globes after party at the Playboy Mansion.

Several tweets went out during the course of the night from people saying that they had witnesses the aging bachelor and the young diva making out at the party while having fun on the dance floor.

However, insiders who we know were at the party told various websites that nothing happened. According to those people, there might have been some flirting going on between the two, but it didn’t really go any farther than that. DiCaprio has been in the news lately for living it up and spending holidays with dozens of young women in an effort to get over the apparent mid-life crisis he’s having as he just turned 40.

And if you ask us, Ri-Ri can do much better than Leo right now, who she apparently met once while vacation in St. Bart’s.

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