We May Have To Agree With Chris Brown On This


There is no doubt that Chris Brown is one of our least favorite celebrities here at Celebrity Dirt. Others may have forgotten what he did to Rihanna, but we simply cannot. The man is a horrendous human being and there is no other way to put it.

That being said, we are an objective bunch here at Celebrity Dirt and we will not agree with someone just because they are attacking someone we don’t particularly like. So, let’s get down to what’s really bothering us about this latest piece of news we just found out about. Apparently, Brown is being sued for a shooting that took place at his gig.

A man is suing Brown, saying that he should have done something about the security considering his music attracts violence (which is a ridiculous concept in itself). The famous rapper responded very soberly that it was the responsibility of the venue owner to secure the event. We hate to say it, but Brown is right this time.

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