Watch Khloe Kardashian Laser Her Butt Stretch Marks


“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been pretty tame recently, but finally the family is mixing it up a bit. On this week’s episode, Khloe decides that she needs to get some stretch marks removed from her buttocks with laser treatment. Of course, Kim and Kendall tag along to offer support to their sister as she goes through with the procedure.

But it turns out that Kim and Kendall aren’t really that supportive. While Khloe is under the laser, the two sisters get a bit bored with her and start looking towards other things in the office, most notably a plate of snacks.

Of course, the conversation reverts back to butts, and Kim, the big butt queen, talks about how giant Khloe’s butt is. She mentioned that she bought Khloe a new dress, but after seeing her butt now, she’s not sure whether it will fit and if she should maybe give it to Kylie. Just another day of the Kardashians being Kardashians, basically.

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