Watch Justin Bieber Read Sweet Tweets


Everyone has probably seen the Jimmy Kimmel bit called “Mean Tweets” where celebrities go on his show and read some of the terrible things that people say about them on social media. Justin Bieber has done that too, but now he has done Sweet Tweets as well.

As a part of a Billboard Magazine feature, the pop star took a little time to read some of the great things that his fans have been saying about him. We all know how loyal Beliebers are, so you pretty much know what to expect already.

One tweet was a bit complicated for Bieber to get at first. A fan said that if you’re sad, remember that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old and you’re on this Earth at the same time that Justin is. It took him a few seconds to wrap his head around the tweet, but ended up realizing how great it was in the end.

Another tweet compared him to pancakes, saying that just like pancakes, Justin Bieber makes her really happy.

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