Was Rihanna’s Grammy Absence Really Health-Motivated?


Probably the biggest absence from this year’s Grammy Awards was that of Rihanna, arguably the biggest pop star and celebrity in the world at the moment. Her absence was explained by health reasons, which were so severe that performing at the Grammy’s would have, supposedly, been too much of a risk for her vocal chords and her career.

And like true suckers, we believed the story we were fed.

Namely, according to TMZ sources, it seems that Rihanna’s absence from the Grammys had nothing to do with her vocal chords or her health. She was just really, really, really angry about her rehearsal  and she decided to ditch the whole thing. The same sources added that she was screaming and acting all hysterical before storming out, announcing that she wouldn’t be attending the event.

We will not be too eager to pass judgement, but this definitely sounds like a feasible story.

What do you think?

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