Was Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarized?


Donald Trump’s wife Melania gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that was met with standing ovations.

However, many people on social media immediately started saying that they feel as if they have heard this speech before. According to both political analysts and social media personalities, her speech is very similar to the one that United States President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle gave back in 2008.

Even if it was not a word-for-word replica of the one that Obama gave, there were definitely some key phrases that were repeated. Both talked about hard work a lot and uttered phrases such as “work hard for what you want in life” and “the limits of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.”

This was the first political speech that Melania, who is a former model and fashion celebrity, ever gave.

If you want to hear the speeches for yourself and compare the two, CNN has made a video that lets you do just that. Check it out.

You can watch the video here

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