Was Ben Affleck Drunk On HBO?


Ben Affleck got pretty riled up about football on the series premier of Bill Simmons’ “Any Given Wednesday” show on HBO.

As we all know, the Boston native is a huge New England Patriots fan, so of course he has a strong opinion about “Deflategate” the scandal which will be costing quarterback Tom Brady the first four games of the season.

While his opinion on the issue is not shocking, the way he presented it was. Affleck was slurring his speech and throwing a lot of cussing into the mix. He actually looked pretty drunk and angry at that point.

However, his people say that he was completely sober and that he was slurring and yelling because he’s very passionate about the topic. Apparently, he and Simmons were already arguing about “Deflategate” before the show, so when it came time to press record, Affleck was already fired up.

One things for sure, Simmons just got some great buzz for his new show.

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