Walmart Says Accident Was Morgan’s Own Fault

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The accident happened in June, when a limo bus carrying Tracy Morgan and his friends was hit by a Walmart tractor-trailer on New Jersey Turnpike.

One of Morgan’s friends, Jimmy Mack, died in the accident and Morgan, as well as other passengers, were injured.

Tracy Morgan filed a lawsuit against Walmart in July and the company now says that the injuries, including Jimmy Mack’s, were the result of their own negligence, since they did not put their seat belts on.

Morgan initially sued believing the driver of the tractor-trailer was tired and probably asleep at the wheel at the time of the accident. He blames Walmart for the driver’s exhaustion due to exceedingly long hours, considering the fact he was awake for at least 24 hours, driving from Georgia to Delaware.

At the time of the accident, however, Walmart promised to cooperate with the investigation and to take full responsibility in case the investigators prove it was the driver’s fault.

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