Walking Dead Star Arrested For DUI


It’s pretty ironic that Seth Gilliam plays a priest on the hit show Walking Dead, because he sure wasn’t acting like a man of God last night. He was arrested in Georgia while driving 107 miles per hour. When the cops stopped him, they smelled alcohol on his breath, of course. Asked if he had anything to drink, he said that he had three beers and a shot. Also, they ended up finding a marijuana joint in his car.

He was acting less like a priest, and more like the alcoholic cops that he teamed up with while starring in the hit HBO crime show The Wire.

Gilliam posted bail, paying about $10,000. According to the cops, he had a blood alcohol level of .107, which is obviously over the legal limit by a lot.

Pretty weird coincidence: actor Chad L. Coleman, who also stars in both Walking Dead and The Wire, made a scene two days ago on a New York City train.

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