Upper East Side Clinic To Be Sued For Wrongful Death Of Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers passed away on September 4, at the age of 81, after spending a week in a coma following an explorative medical procedure on her throat.

Now several sources report that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, is going to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy, the clinic where the procedure took place.

The medical examiner assigned to the case of Joan Rivers reported that her coma and death resulted from a “therapeutic complication.” In layman’s terms, that basically means that something went wrong during the procedure.

In fact, it is believed that Rivers’ oxygen supply was cut during the procedure, which led to cardiac arrest and caused her to slip into a coma. The comedienne’s will has not yet been filed, but it is believed that, once filed in court, it will reveal Melissa as the executor of the will.

This will give her the right to file the lawsuit, with the help of a prominent New York law firm.

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