Tyler’s Daughter Chelsea Engaged


Rocker Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea is now engaged to actor Jon Foster.

The 25-year old Aerosmith front man’s daughter is set to get married to her two-year boyfriend, according to Mia, her older half-sister, who immediately took to Twitter.com to share the great family news.

She wrote,

“I’m beyond excited and proud to say that these two turkeys are gettin hitched. I love you two to the god damn moon!”

She also shared a picture of the lucky couple wearing sunglasses with fake moustaches and a chicken-shaped hat.


Jon is the younger brother of Ben Foster, 3:10 to Yuma actor, and was introduced to his future bride-to-be by mutual friend Zoe Kravitz, another rockstar offspring, in 2011.

The couple form an electronic duo BadBad in 2013.

“The music came as we got to know each other,”

Jon recalls.

“Once our musical flavors mixed, it just grew.”

Jon was raised on Talking Heads and Paul Simon and young Chelsea enjoyed female vocalists like Patsy Cline and Lauryn Hill.

“I played them over and over, listening to every little nuance,” explains the newly made songstress, who used to be very good in acting, art, and modeling before stepping in on music.

It seems they were practically born to be Bad-Bad.

“When we were first seeing each other, we’d say, ‘I miss you bad bad,'”

Jon explains.

“Once we started looking for a band name, it just made sense.”

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