Twitter Explodes Over Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Feud


So, it would appear that yesterday afternoon Taylor Swift felt hurt by Nicki Minaj’s rant about the MTV Music Video awards. Minaj was enraged that her music video for “Anaconda” (which generated millions of clicks in under 24 hours) wasn’t nominated, while Swift’s video for “Bad Blood” was, even though some would agree that they are similar in content and style.

Long story short, Minaj tweeted her opinion that slim bodies in videos are the only factor in winning a prize, Swift was hurt and decided to defend her point of view. Minaj then accused Swift’s absurd use of feminist ideologies, and Swift tried to straighten things out, although she was already knuckle-deep in the stew.

Then, [un]surprisingly, almost the entire Twitter community jumped to Minaj’s support, seeing Swift’s intervention as a classic example of ignorance towards black people, and as a blatant example of the misuse of feminist standards.

After that Kim Kardashian decided it was time to state her opinion, Minaj’s boyfriend publicly bashed rapper Drake, and Bruno Mars took the opportunity to jokingly criticize Ed Sheeran.

Seems like your average day on the Internet, really.

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