Trump Says What He Thinks About Sheen And Kim


Trump giving his opinion on Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian is quite possibly the ultimate celeb news we have covered this year. Sure, we have had some insane celebrity stuff in the last 11 months, but just looking at the title, it is clear we have a new winner. It’s Donald, Charlie and Kim, all rolled into one uber-mega-giga-celeb-piece of news.

Unfortunately, the news is not really that exciting or incendiary. Namely, Trump was doing an interview with Yahoo and they asked him to play celeb associations with them. He did. Among other things, he responded “terrific” to Taylor Swift.

He also answered “sad” to Charlie Sheen (with whom he has had some history over the years). When asked for an association to Kim Kardashian, Trump went uncharacteristically silent and careful with words, fumbling that she has always been nice to him.

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