Truck Driver Says Tracy Morgan’s Financial Woes Come Nowhere Near His Own


The latest development in the Tracy Morgan lawsuit against Walmart is that Kevin Roper, the man who was behind the wheel of the truck that crashed into Morgan’s limo, injuring Morgan and his friends and killing one person, now wants to be included in the case so that his rights are not compromised.

The driver also wants the civil case against him to be put on hold until the criminal case is over, however Morgan wants the civil case to be completed fast because he is having financial difficulties.

Roper’s response to Tracy Morgan’s request was that a person like Morgan, who can afford a limo, shouldn’t talk about money trouble to a person like him, who is just a truck driver and can barely pay the rent.

If he is found guilty, Roper will at least be able to stop worrying about the rent, since he could spend as long as 30 years in prison, where he gets three squares and a bed.

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