Troubled Amanda Bynes Stopped For Shoplifting Twice In One Day

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Amanda Bynes is acting pretty weird lately!

She was allegedly caught shoplifting twice in one day and didn’t seem the least concerned that she was doing something illegal.  Firstly, Bynes went to Pookie & Sebastian where she dances around the store like a madwoman, according to footage obtained by TMZ.

When she wanted to leave the store without paying for a shirt she was holding in her hands, the staff of the shop stopped her and asked her if she was going to pay for the shirt, to which she replied: “Do I really have to buy this?”

An hour later, cops were called to Barneys on Madison Ave after the actress tried to leave the store without paying for a $200 hat.

She told the security guards who chased her that some fans saw her inside Barneys so she grabbed the cap in order to cover her face, but had no intention of shoplifting.  However, when the police arrived, Bynes had already left.

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