Tori Spelling Breaks Down, Signals Marriage Trouble

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According to reliable insider sources, Tori Spelling seems to be having a nervous breakdown.

This past weekend she checked herself into Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles over what appeared to be an “ebola scare” but turned out to be a crumbling mental state.

Her personal life is in shambles and, according to her Instagram account, it’s all her husband, Dean McDermott’s, fault. Their marriage never recovered from him cheating on her and now they are fighting over things like which nanny to choose for their children.

Furthermore, Tori fears that Dean may be drinking again and skipping his AA meetings. On top of that, the couple is basically broke and Tori’s career, both on TV and movies and in reality shows, is pretty much stuck.

Sources say that she is making herself sick, not eating or sleeping and just exhausting her body and mind and that it is high time she got some help.

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