Tons Of Tupac Stuff Gets Discovered


Younger generations know him only as a legend of rap music, but for us older crowds, Tupac was for a very long time the most famous and important celebrity in the world, or at least among the most famous and important ones. That is why we’re still so excited when we hear that new stuff of his is discovered, like we did today.

Namely, TMZ sources are finding out that a guy bought some unreleased music, a bunch of lyrics and handwritten notes too when buying baseball cards. The guy who sold him all this stuff had all of it because his dad had worked with Tupac all those years ago.

It goes without saying that the new owner is putting it all up for an auction and he is expected to make a serious buck. As always, Tupac’s mother Afeni is already doing all in her power to block the sale, like she has done so many times over the years.

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