Tom Hanks Named Most Trustworthy Celebrity Of 2014


Even though Tom Hanks didn’t score an Oscar nomination this year, it’s great news he’s still tremendously loved by the people. The Forrest Gump star topped the 2014 list of Most Trustworthy Celebrities published by Forbes Magazine.

Hanks’ closely followed by legendary actress Carol Burnett who recently appeared in Post Grad, and Morgan Freeman who landed in third place.

Forbes Magazine established the outcomes on E-Poll Market research, which according to its executives, “ranks more than 6,600 celebrities on 46 different personality attributes based on their polling data of Americans.”

In 2013, Hanks also topped Reader’s Digest magazine’s Trust Poll.

The reason why Tom’s been chosen two times for a similar award is the fact that he tends to play the nice, honorable, every-day man in his chosen film roles. Just remember Forrest Gump or Captain Phillips and it will all be clear.

Within top five are also Michael J. Fox and Betty White.

Gerry Philpott, president of E-Poll Market Research said, “Trustworthy, like influential, can be very subjective descriptors based on the nature of their celebrity. For the most part, it reflects how genuine people perceive that person to be. It positively impacts a celebrity’s ‘brand’ for getting top roles and endorsements if consumers see them as credible and believable.”

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