Tom Hanks Lends Helping Hand to Girl Scouts

at the Emma Thompson Hand and Footprint Ceremony as part of AFI Fest, Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA 11-07-13

It’s always nice to see actors using their fame for good. It’s even better when they are helping out local children. Tom Hanks did just that. He was approached by girl scouts in the San Francisco area, and was asked if he wanted to buy some cookies.

Of course he did, who doesn’t like girl scout cookies? So Hanks bought a few boxes and even gave the girls a little extra money.

He then offered even more help. Hanks said that anyone who recognizes him can get their picture taken with him, as long as they bought some cookies as well.

The girls (and moms) were ecstatic. One of the moms said that no one recognized Hanks at first, because he was wearing sun glasses and a baseball cap.

According to sources, Hanks encountered the girl scouts while heading down to Los Altos to visit a typewriter shop with his son Truman, apparently.

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