Tom Cruise Surprises Fans At Theatre


Actor Tom Cruise shocked fans at a Chicago, Illinois movie theatre on Friday, May 30. The star showed up unannounced after the screening of his new action movie, Edge of Tomorrow.

‘The Mission: Impossible’ actor made the trip from Toronto, Canada to Chicago to sign autographs and take pictures with the movie-goers.

He said, “Here we are 31 years (after filming Risky Business), and I’m back in Chicago to be able to present Edge of Tomorrow, it really means a lot to me.”

After the screening, he took to his page to write, “So much energy in the theater after the movie. I love sharing this film with audiences.”

More on Cruise news, he reportedly delivered his best performance, some say, maybe ever, as military PR hack William Cage. As a professional, his main responsibility is to put a positive spin on the war against an alien race.

He can’t stand the sight of blood, he tells the menacing general who gives him the order. He can’t even handle a paper cut. Too bad as Cage is knocked out and shipped out.

He wakes up at base camp to the gentle sound of an officer barking to him, “On your feet, maggot!”

Inexperienced and of his comfort zone, a visibly petrified star gets dropped into action the next day.

For a few shining moments, he manages to live and shoot an alien, who proceeds to bleed on him, killing them both instantly.

Sorry for the spoiler.

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