Tom Cruise Sails Into Fallon’s Lip-Sync Seas


Ever seen Rock Of Ages? If yes, you probably remember Tom’s terrifying determination to look like he’s actually singing on-screen. And have you ever seen the phenomenal clip of Cruise doing the motorcycle dance on 106 & Park?

If yes, you’ve borne witness to his absolute lack of shame when dealing with currently popular music in any way. Well, then we advise you to check out last night’s The Tonight Show, where Cruise lip-synced The Weeknd’s popular hit Cant Feel My Face. Not only did he nail it, but he somehow managed to show substantially more emotions and moves than Tesfaye ever could during his live shows.

This was all part of a lip-sync battle with Fallon – the popular host didn’t tread too far behind with his Mick Jagger impression, a one-man Paradise By The Dashboard Light and a Righteous Brothers Top Gun performance. Simply fascinating.

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