Tina Didn’t Suffer Stroke


A representative for legendary singer Tina Turner has dismissed rumors suggesting the star has suffered a stroke. He insisted that she is in “excellent health”.

The star, who lives in Switzerland with Erwin Bach, her husband, hit headlines on Monday, May 26 after editors at Express, a German news site, published an article stating the 74-year old legend was in recovery following a health crisis.

The article quoted a man named Albert B. Cologne, who claims to be her very close friend and driver. He allegedly said, “She had a mild stroke, but is well on the road to recovery.”

He added, “Tina had to cancel her holiday (in Austria) to recover, (but) she has already managed a smile for her partner Erwin Bach.

However, Tina’s representative has dismissed all the reports. He said, “The fact is that Tina enjoys excellent health.

Her spokesperson also claimed the star did not plan to vacation in Carinthia, Austria and has never had a driver named Albert.

These false rumors about her health come three months after her close friend Oprah Winfrey took upon herself to deny some health speculations. Oprah insisted the superstar was just recovering from a bad bout of influenza in February.

Since her retirement, Tina has kept a low profile in her adopted Switzerland, after marrying her longtime boyfriend Bach in 2013.

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