This Good Burger Reunion Will Make 90s Kids Smile


If you love nostalgia, then you should probably always be watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, because he loves revisiting the fairly recent past in order to get some “feels” from the viewers.

If you are a 90s kid that grew up on Nickelodeon, then last night was just for you.

Keenan and Kel reunited for a Good Burger sketch. Remember Good Burger? Remember All That? All of the emotions are going back to you now, aren’t they?

It was a hilarious sketch, and you can tell that Fallon is a huge fan, because the way it was shot looked like it was right out of the 90s.

Kennan and Kel kept going backstage and stayed in character for a couple more gags. It was great to watch.

We hope that Fallon is not done with these types of nostalgia reunions. In fact, we hope that he somehow manages to get the entire cast of Salute Your Shorts on his show one day.

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