Thicke Trying Too Hard To Win Back Ex?


Robin Thicke seems to be on a mission to get back his wife. He has now been formally separated from his wife of nine years Paula Patton for four months and it seems that he is having a hard time getting over it. Sure, there have been some reports of wild parties, but there is more evidence to go towards making a case that

Thicke simple can’t live without her.

He has been dedicating songs to her on the road almost regularly and it seems that he has generally been acting pretty sad. And now the ultimate proof – it appears that he is naming his new album after her as well. His new album is going to be called.

Paula, and that seems pretty desperate, even for him.

The album coming out soon – on July 1. So is it possible that Robin was so heartbroken that in between dedicated songs to her on stage and moping, he was able to write and record a whole album about her in four months?

So the question is, whether Robin is trying to win her back with the album or whether he is trying to get over her? All of the signs point to the fact that he is still very much in love with Paula and that he wants her back more than ever.

So what’s the name of the first single from the album? It’s called Get her Back. Is that obvious enough? And the video for the song is pretty hilarious, but in a bad way. In the video Robin texts, “I wrote a whole album for you,” and the response he gets is, “I don’t care.

Funny but sad at the same time.

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