‘They Always Come Back,’ Says Tyga About Kylie Jenner


Not long after they said they had broken up for good, rumors about Kylie Jenner and Tyga getting back together are in the air. The two celebrities showed up at the premiere of Kanye West’s video “Famous” hand in hand, Bustle reports.

Even though it seemed like the famous couple called it quits, they were very snug with each other. Kylie didn’t leave Tyga’s side the entire evening, hugging and kissing him, though, innocently enough, on the cheek.

They even walked the red carpet together, with Kylie’s hand on Tyga’s shoulder all the time. It’s interesting to note that most of the physical interaction was initiated by Kylie while Tyga remained cool and composed. Maybe that’s why the rapper later posted a picture of Kylie on his Instagram with the words: ”They always come back.”

The picture was quickly deleted, so no one can tell for sure what is going on. Judging by the state of things, Kylie is more than eager to get back together while Tyga’s apparently playing hard to get. Never a dull day with Kardashians!

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