These “Friends” Cast Members Didn’t Even Get An Invite To Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding


Keeping in mind that Jennifer Aniston rose to unprecedented stardom thanks to her role as Rachel in Friends, we can’t help but wonder how come she didn’t become close friends with her fellow actors – after all, they spent 10 years together filming the show.

Although we know that it’s perfectly normal for people to grow apart, it’s still pretty disappointing to learn that Jennifer Anniston didn’t invite two of her Friends co-stars to her wedding to Justin Theroux. In fact, not only did she completely ignore Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, who became planetary famous as Chandler and Joey, but she also didn’t even tell them she was getting married.

Both the actors honestly said they were not aware she was about to tie the knot, but added they were really happy for the couple. LeBlanc, charming as ever, concluded that the most important thing was that Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were present at the ceremony.


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