These 20 Celebs Are Famous For Being Famous


It used to be that most celebrities had some kind of talent. Whether you loved them or hated them, at least you could admit that they were entertaining, good at acting, singing, or something else. But over the past several decades, we’be gotten a new type of celebrity. A celebrity that is famous for no apparent reason. Someone who gained fame through others and didn’t really achieve anything on their own.

It might have been the rise of reality television that led to the birth of this type of celebrity that is famous just for being famous. But whatever it is, these people seem to be here to stay. Here are 20 of the most annoying and talentless anti-celebs.

1. Farrah Abraham

Those who regularly watch MTV are already acquainted with Farrah Abraham. For the rest of you living in blissful ignorance, this young woman first rose to prominence as a cast member of 16 and Pregnant.

As she gave birth to her baby, a sequel, logically followed and she starred in Teen Mom, the show documenting Abraham’s and other cast members struggles as girls who had babies in their teens. This wasn’t it for Farrah – she released a memoir and a music album, both entitled My Teenage Dream Ended.

To keep busy, she made a porno with James Deen, and the rumor has it the video is set for a sequel. Farrah then appeared on Couples Therapy, paradoxically – without a partner. Finally, she made her own special, titled Being Farrah. Most recently, she made tabloid pages after a botched lip augmentation procedure.

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