There’s Going To Be A Maleficent Sequel


Disney has confirmed to Hollywood sources that they are starting to work on a sequel to their hit live action movie Maleficent. Released in 2014, Maleficent is the big-budget origin story that follows the rise of famed Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent.

Even though the star of the first movie, Angelina Jolie, has not confirmed her involvement yet, according to sources, screenwriter Linda Wolverton is keeping the A-lister in the loop through the early stages of development and hopes to have her on board soon.

Hollywood insiders say that Jolie is very picky when it comes to committing to sequels and franchises. This resulted from the fact that the Tomb Raider sequel did nor perform as expected. Since then, she has turned down sequels for Wanted and Salt.

However, Jolie did gush about the initial movie and really loves the role, so if the script is right, there’s a good chance that she’ll be on board when the time comes.

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