The Royal Family Will Get Another Member: Kate Pregnant Again

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit Tower Of London's Ceramic Poppy Field

The world seems to be still recovering from the overwhelming media attention that baby George received and believe it or not, the Royals are expecting another baby already.

Yes, it’s true. Prince William and Duchess Kate are going to have another child. This news comes just two months or so after George celebrated his first birthday. The parents are very happy, and the news has been made official with statements released to the press direct from Kensington Palace.

Even the Prime Minister chimed in, with PM David Cameron tweeting that he was very delighted by the news, wishing the royal couple all the best.

Now William’s brother Prince Harry is going to be pushed down the line of succession once again. Once William’s second child is born, the baby will be fourth in line to the throne.

The news broke after it was announced that Duchess Catherine would not be accompanying William on a trip to Oxford. According to Kensington Palace, Kate is once again suffering from severe morning sickness, just as she was in the initial months of her first pregnancy.

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