The Met Gala’s Worst Dressed Were Truly Terrifying This Year


With a theme like “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” you simply knew that there were going to be a bunch of really horrible outfits on display at this year’s Met Gala. You knew that there were going to be tons of people trying to look like high fashion versions of characters you’ve seen in “Tron” or “Blade Runner.”

And in terms of terrifying technology-themed outfits, the Met Gala 2016 definitely came through. But which of the celebrities had the worst outfits? It’s hard to say, but if we had to pick right now, we might have to go with Beyonce. Sorry Bey, but your dress literally looked like it was covered in puss-filled zits that were about to pop any second.

Remember when Angelina Jolie played Cruella De Vil in “Maleficient?” Bette Midler looks like your mom trying to pull that outfit off at her company’s Halloween bash.

And then there were Kanye West and his beloved, Kim Kardashian. They were probably trying to look like some type of futuristic villains from another planet, but they ended up looking like a couple people wrapped in expensive tin foil. West even had blue contact lenses – pretty much looking like a budget version of Terrance Howard.

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