The Internet Does Not Approve Of True Detective Season Two Casting

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The online community always has strong opinions on pretty much anything, but when it comes to True Detective, this applies even more.

The show gained a cult following as soon as it started airing. When it ended, the Internet was divided between those who booed the season finale and those who praised it.

Then came the rumors about the potential second season cast. The talk about two female leads was soon abandoned and finally, after weeks of speculation, we have the first confirmed names – Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. As soon as the news came out, the Internet rang with one loud boo – especially Twitter.

It seems that the Internet would be able to swallow Farrell as a detective in the lead role, but Vince Vaughn, oh heck no. Vaughn is supposed to play a criminal whose partner is murdered and the fact that he made his career out of comedic roles obviously does not resonate well with the True Detective faithful.

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