The Corleone Family Mansion From The Godfather Is Up For Sale


A house used for shooting a movie is the holy grail when it comes to memorabilia. When the movie in question is The Godfather, the stakes are even higher.

The 1972 Francis Ford Coppola classic is one of the most beloved and appreciated movies of all time and pretty much everything that has anything to do with it is bound sell well. We are sure that this will be the case with a Staten Island mansion used for exterior shots in the movie, such as the Connie Corleone wedding or the classic scene where Don Vito dies in the tomato garden while playing with his young grandson.

The mansion was not used for interior shots, but the owners made sure to draw inspiration from the movie when they decorated the rooms. The mansion is listed at $2.89 million by a local Staten Island real estate agent. What are the chances that a popular gangster rapper ends up buying it?

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