The Cause Of Richard Simmons’ Disappearance Was His Injured Knee

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After TMZ reported that Richard Simmons has not been seen in public for almost the entire 2014, fans got worried that something had happened to him and social media exploded.

Fortunately, the man himself came forward on his official Facebook page, proving that he’s alive, although not so well, apparently.

Simmons stated he had suffered a very bad knee injury that he’s still struggling with, which explains his absence both from the public and from his own fitness studio, where he was teaching regularly still.

TMZ also quoted insider sources who said that the knee injury is not the only thing bothering Simmons and that, in fact, he has been very depressed because of the injury.

They also said that his left knee will have to be replaced, otherwise he won’t be able to exercise any more. If that is really the case, it is no wonder Simmons is depressed – the man dedicated his entire life to fitness and exercise.

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